Body Contouring

This is the first post of my Body Contouring Series post I will be posting.​

 Are you tired of those areas of unwanted pockets of Fat that don't Respond to Diet or exercise? This Amazing Body Contouring procedure Melts Fat and Tightens Skin!

Redefine and rediscover the shape you want:

Treat  neck, Arms, Bra Fat, Flanks, Abdomen, Back and Thighs

SmartLipo..... Laser Lypolysis​ which is melting troublesome pockets of Fat, WORKS!!!

  • Less Invasive​
  • ​Less Painful
  • Less Downtime

I can tell you based on my patients results that Smartlipo is a excellent way to reshape your body​

Arms are a great place to get started!

Call and make a Complementary Consult appointment for all details on this new innovative procedure and you will receive a  Microdermabrasion on the top of your hands.

​I am really excited about this procedure folks, and I hope this strikes your interest because this is truly an Amazing procedure.

​Remember to be looking for more post on Body Contouring

Ali Richardson, RN

About the Author

Ali Richardson, RN

Ali Richardson, RN is a registered nurse, certified laser technician, certified SmartLipo nurse, and the SmartLipo coordinator for Sanctuary Lasers. She received her SmartLipo training at Advanced Aesthetics in Couer D'Alene, Idaho under Dr. Kevin Johnson

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