Interval Training

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Did you know that interval training is, training in which an athlete alternates between two activities, typically different rates of speed, degrees of effort, etc.?

Interval training has been something I have done and have found it to be very rewarding in two ways: 1)  I looked forward to doing it because I didn’t get bored 2) I noticed an increase in muscle tone and weight loss.

I have felt very compelled to talk about Interval Training with you all. While consulting with our SmartLipo or Laser Hair removal patients here at Sanctuary Medspa it is essential that our patients learn to integrate a healthy life style into their lives. 

1- Strengthens the heart muscle

Recent studies have found that your heart will work harder with short cardio bursts and pump more blood per beat. Interval training will strengthen the whole structure of the cardiovascular system.

2- Metabolism

Burst of high intensity workouts such as 60 seconds of walking and 60 seconds of sprinting can boost your metabolism to a higher level. This could be used when doing any type of exercise such as cycling, running, biking, swimming, even rotating between a combo of different activities and etc. You choose your time frame of interval, I find 10- 60 second works for me.  I would suggest at least 20 minutes 4 days a week, however if you are short on time even 10 minutes. indicated that research has shown high intensity interval training enhances the metabolic machinery in muscle cells that promotes fat-burning and blunts fat production.

3- Feel good

Do you need a boost? You will find you are more energized emotionally and physically.

4- Desire to workout

Like I said earlier, I found that I truly looked forward to working out because I didn’t get bored. It may have been due to keeping track of the intervals or possibly the energizing effect of the bursts in the intervals. We all know we could use a little stimulation with getting out the door and getting the work done.

5- Fat loss notes recent studies have shown that high intensity interval training has significantly  become a fast way of burning fat. Yes, the workouts are shorter, however you will be working harder than the person on the treadmill who is running at a steady speed. Another study out of Australia reported findings that support this idea.

This to me is some really awesome news for a person that is wanting to shred fat and doesn’t have a whole lot of time to do it. 

Ok... now is the time to get your workout shoes on and head out the door. Try this for a few weeks and then look in the mirror. Let me know if you see a change in tone and tightening, weight loss and how your clothes fit!

SO........ SHRED ON!

Ali Richardson, RN

About the Author

Ali Richardson, RN

Ali Richardson, RN is a registered nurse, certified laser technician, certified SmartLipo nurse, and the SmartLipo coordinator for Sanctuary Lasers. She received her SmartLipo training at Advanced Aesthetics in Couer D'Alene, Idaho under Dr. Kevin Johnson

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