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Here she comes, another women dressed and ready to go to the gym. As I welcomed her a thought crossed my mind, that we have a lot of women come into our office who are in the work out attire. More time than not my clients and I will have great conversations about their day. More often than not, many of these ladies are very interested in working out and they each have their own favorite way to work out. From running to lifting weights. No matter what they enjoy about it they all seem very dedicated.

Many will mention they already went, some will say they are on their way, but what I find interesting is the number of women that will say they are just wearing them in case they get a chance in their busy day to squeeze in a quick work out.

Ok, people here I go on my soap box, do you know that as I think of all the people that come through our door here at the spa each day... probably it would be safe to say at least 30 to 40 percent are in work out clothes (and I must say boy do they have some cute outfits out there now). I think it is awesome that so many people care about their health and are making healthy changes in the lives. 


So.... do you run around town doing your errands in your gyms clothes, just in case you can squeeze a quick work out in on your busy day?  Leave a comment or tag someone you know who does this!

Here at Sanctuary MedSpa we will always encourage our patients to strive to be healthy by integrating exercise into your day and finding a healthy way of eating that works for you. ​

Ali Richardson, RN

About the Author

Ali Richardson, RN

Ali Richardson, RN is a registered nurse, certified laser technician, certified SmartLipo nurse, and the SmartLipo coordinator for Sanctuary Lasers. She received her SmartLipo training at Advanced Aesthetics in Couer D'Alene, Idaho under Dr. Kevin Johnson

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