When life gives you Lemons make Lemon Water

When was the last time you took the time to cut a fresh lemon and squeeze a wedge into a glass of water? You may think twice about it after you read what I read about lemons.

I decided to take a little time in researching the effects The Lemon has on the body and this is what I came across.

1- The Lemon is alkalizing to the body

Did you know that although lemons are acidic, however when consumed into the body they become alkalizing? Lemons work to neutralize the acid in the body. An acidic environment can increase the risk of all kinds of health problems such as acidosis, acid reflux, upset stomach, kidney stones, heart disease, thyroid trouble, heart burn, osteoporosis, muscle loss, cancer and other unwanted health conditions. Alkalizing the body is a huge factor in keeping our bodies healthy and happy. So why not give the acidic lemon a try in making your body’s ph level balanced?

2-The Lemon packs a huge punch in vitamin C

Vitamin C is an amazing nutrient that can boost the immune system, soften wrinkles, help with the effects of stress and protect our overall health.

3- The Lemon can help hormone imbalance

Hormones can affect your metabolism, cravings and digestion. Lemon is one of the foods that can help restore your hormones. Lemons aid in the function of the liver by ensuring that the body is metabolizing the harmful hormones that cause problems with our bodies.

Appetite suppressant? Yes. If that is what you are looking for lemons have been known to aid in appetite suppressant. I have tried this myself and really notice a difference.

4- The Lemon can energize you

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning can energize you and help

kick start your day. Lemons contain potassium which has been known to stimulate the brain function.


I challenge you to try this! Drink Lemon water daily for 10 days and let us know what you notice about your body. Pay close attention to your body, your energy level, cravings, digestion and skin. I am really excited and looking forward to your results. Soooo… Squeeze on!

Your choice of warm or cold water. My experience with my research indicated more positive info on warm than cold, especially in the morning on an empty stomach.

I don’t advise to eating the lemon itself. Lemon is known to be harsh on the enamel of your teeth.

Ali Richardson, RN

About the Author

Ali Richardson, RN

Ali Richardson, RN is a registered nurse, certified laser technician, certified SmartLipo nurse, and the SmartLipo coordinator for Sanctuary Lasers. She received her SmartLipo training at Advanced Aesthetics in Couer D'Alene, Idaho under Dr. Kevin Johnson

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