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All of us here at Sanctuary MedSpa are excited to share with you the benefits of the SmartLipo procedure. Our patients are seeing amazing results from this less invasive procedure. Plastic surgery is moving towards laser for a less invasive, less down time and less pain, procedure.

We at Sanctuary MedSpa focus on offering our patients a personalized, one on one experience. We spend quality time with you during the consult, preoperative appointment, surgery and follow you close for postoperative care. During your SmartLipo Procedure our office is closed to all other patients. This allows our staff to offer you a pleasant and comfortable experience during your procedure. We have a special offer of one area complementary, if you purchase two areas or more. We do always have our referral program.

If you have any questions about our Smartlipo Procedure feel free to contact our front office specialist. They are looking forward to putting you in contact with our SmartLipo Nurse Specialist, Ali. Call today for your complimentary consult!

Thank you for your time, we appreciate our clients here at Sanctuary MedSpa and look forward to serving you,

Rosalind Mitchell, MD and Team

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Rosalind Mitchell, MD

About the Author

Rosalind Mitchell, MD

Dr. Rosalind Mitchell has a warm and engaging manner that immediately puts one at ease. Her ability to recognize the beauty clients currently have, while discussing concerns and goals they want to achieve, gives patients the trust and confidence to make physical changes. Her critical eye and meticulous attention to aesthetic detail ensures that every patient can achieve their goals. Her keen sense of physical symmetry allows her to recommend treatment plans patients may not have considered in order to restore their youthful character.

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